Volleyball Passing Drills

Volleyball Passing Drills

It’s impossible to picture volleyball without passing. Passing is crucial in volleyball. Gamers must pass often in volleyball. Passing is crucial to volleyball offensive hits. A volleyball player catches and delivers the ball to a server. A server throws the ball to help someone get hit.

Passers must also work on their volleyball passing drills abilities. You must realize that offensive and defensive players in volleyball require passing skills. Want to master volleyball passing drills? If so, your practice should include volleyball passing activities.

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Passing to You

Begin with these great volleyball passing drills. Passing to You drill is amazing since it’s simple. You may practice this activity at home, volleyball passers. New volleyball players may perform this drill.

This volleyball exercise helps players pass better. However, the Passing to You practice improves ball control and balance. Everything starts with planning. First, position yourself correctly and prepare to pass to another volleyball opponent. Well! It’s the best idea if you pass the activity. Pass the ball to yourself. The practice combines passing and movement. It would help if you went front-to-back and side-to-side while passing to yourself. It may take time to enhance your volleyball serving talents with this workout. However, doing this practice will improve your passing.

Three Pass Group Drill

Three Pass Group Drill

The Three Pass Team activity is a top volleyball passing drill. Many times volleyball players hardly predict where the ball will fall on their court. Thus, a volleyball passer must first forecast where the ball will fall, then receive it, and last throw it to a partner. Passers may assist their teams in preparing for attacks by doing so. Thus, the exercise teaches players to receive, pass, and attack a ball. The workout needs three volleyballers. First, athletes must stand on one side of the playing field.

A three-player team gets a free ball to start the practice. Passer 1 must receive a ball and transfer it to partner 2. Player 2 gives the ball to 3. Finally, player 3 must pass the ball over the goal to the other side. It lets volleyball players switch from defending to attacking mode.

Ladder Passing Drill

Another basic volleyball passing practice is the ladder passing drill. Three volleyball players help passers in this passing practice. These three volleyball players must line up. The task also needs three volleyball pitchers.

Passers must pass to three volleyball players in line. The Ladder Passing Drill technique teaches players to make precise throws and court movements. Also, the method improves volleyball players’ handling of the ball.

The exercise starts with a passer passing to tosser 1, who throws the ball back to the passer. A passer delivers to a tosser 2, who returns the ball. Finally, a passer passes to a tosser 3, who bears the ball. The next passer repeats, and the practice proceeds. Tossers must beat passers. A passer must go a few feet to reach the ball and deliver it to the next tosser. This volleyball passing drills workout requires a passer to contact the ball three times while receiving a ball from a tosser 1, 2, or 3.

Toss Catch Passing Drill

Toss Catch Passing Drill

Well! These volleyball passing drills also improve volleyball players’ serving ability. Both beginner and seasoned volleyball players can carry out the practice.

This volleyball exercise needs two players. volleyball player throws to passer. Passers catch and transfer the ball to teammates. Volleyballers may repeat the exercise. Passers must position themselves correctly during drills. Passers must get on their knees first. The passer must have upward shoulders and back hips. Passers must also maintain a 90-degree arm-upper body angle.

Perfect Volleyball Passing Drills

Perfect Passing Drill

Regularly performing this practice will help you make precise passes to partners. This volleyball practice involves a pair of targets, two tossers, and two passes.

Initially, players who play volleyball must know their court posture. The thrower and passer must travel to one side of the court. Tosser 2, passer 2, and recipients must cross the playing area. Target volleyball athletes must be close to the net. Target 1 must be between tosser 1 and passer 1, and target 2 between tosser 2 and passer 2.

A tosser throws a ball to pass double overhead to start the game. A passer must do all necessary to receive and transfer the ball to the target. Finally, a target has to grab the ball. After that, volleyball players switch roles. Thus, after that, all the players will change their positions.

Focus Passing Drill

Focus Passing Drill

This workout helps volleyball players improve their passing abilities.

Three volleyball teams do this passing drill. Each group has four volleyballers. Four volleyball players will fulfill their roles on the court. Volleyball players 1–4 are servers, passers, setters, and distractors. In the beginning, a server passes to a passer, who then throws to a setter. A distractor will damage volleyball players’ focus. So, players will struggle to pass and must remain attentive.


Hopefully, you now understand passing. As seen, volleyball players may conduct numerous effective passing exercises. Practice these abilities regularly, and success will come quickly.

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