Volleyball Drills for Middle School

Volleyball Drills for Middle School

A little bit of help, some joy, and someone who believes in them is all that children need. An individual who has won a national championship while in college, five professional world championships, and three NBA MVP awards, likely has some insight into athletic success.

With your agreement, let’s add two more ingredients to Magic’s recipe for youth coaching success. Well! That is enjoyment and engagement to learn volleyball drills for middle school.

In our view, the two are unbreakable, and we are certain that the former is vital to the latter. When beginning a new sport, most children experience a variety of emotions. Of course! Such as excitement, fear, and worry over their skills and the views of their peers. That being said, and with inspiration from Magic’s phrase, be sure you’re having fun when teaching.

Now that we’ve addressed a few points let’s get to work and reveal our exciting volleyball drills for middle school athletes.

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Volleyball Drills for Middle School: Ace the Basics, Smash the Challenges!

Drill for Serving

Split into pairs and get ready to start the partner serving practice. Set them to stand on opposing ends of the attack line, away from the net, to create space. Divide the ball evenly among the two people and have them work on serving it to one another.

At the offensive line, near the net, each side will begin play by serving the ball to their partner.

After each successful net hit, the server will take two or three steps backward and then serve again. The practice will end when all participants have made it to the rear serving line.

Upon reaching the back serving line, you will engage in a conventional serving practice that focuses on lifting the ball over the net. During this period, coaches have the opportunity to travel and provide support to those who may be facing difficulties.

Have them step back and try again after serving the ball over the net from the same location a few times. Returning them to the serving line once they’ve learned how to serve is the goal.

Dead Fish Drill

It is the trainer’s responsibility to form two teams. The first group will take a position on one half of the court while the second group lies down They need to get away from the way of the second team’s hits by moving quickly. The serving team members take turns trying to hit the receiving team players while lying on the floor.

If the ball lands on the ground, you’ll receive one point; if it goes into the net or leaves the court, you’ll lose one point. The score is two points for each successful throw. After each team has served their last serve, switch places. Here are some fun volleyball drills for middle school students. Let’s practice with a thrill!

Rise and Pass Volleyball Drill

A great way to improve your middle school students’ passing, speed, and stamina is to have them do the Rise and Pass activity. Gather four or five players and have them lie down in a straight line, heads pointed toward the net, on each side of the goal. One coach may blow a whistle to get the player up and then go back down while another can throw the ball in front of them.

Take your time choosing how long the drill should be, but youngsters should be happy and sweating after about five minutes. This combination is perfect for a coach who wants to make a mark.

Drill for Blocking Forms

If the other team can’t get the ball to your end of the court, they won’t be able to score. Therefore, avoiding this from occurring is of the highest priority. If you want to become better at defending the net from the other team’s attacks, try the Blocking Form volleyball drills for middle school. As a basic practice, this one only requires four or five players to line up at the net. After that, they’ll leap as if to stop a shot. Learning the movement’s form and basics is the most important thing.

The coach must line up the team on the net. Tell the players to jump with their arms up as part of their blocking exercises. The coach can assess progress and make improvements as necessary.

Side-to-Sides Drill

Volleyball games may be fast-paced and full of surprises. The receiving team’s hitting position and the ball’s path after a dig are unpredictable. You should be flexible and change directions quickly. Side-To-Sides are a fantastic footwork workout that can help you become more versatile. There are several fantastic changes you can make to mimic real play. However, they aren’t volleyball-specific.

A coach must have one fitness box, and one player is required. A player has to set one foot gently on the floor and the other in the center of the box. It would help if you first pushed off with your outer leg to jump over the box. By the time you touch down, your feet should have exchanged places, with the leg that pushed off from the ground now resting on the box. You should put your foot on the floor instead of the box. Please do it again until you become a pro.

Around the World Drill

The Around the World drill is a volleyball with many moving pieces. One player goes around the court in a circle while six others stand on different parts of the court and pass to them. After each of the eight throws, the main player will return to the playing field with a hit or set. If you’re starting on the volleyball court, we highly recommend the Around the World exercise. It’s a fantastic way to practice receiving and passing the ball around while improving your athletic position and learning to move.

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