How High Is a Volleyball Net

How High Is a Volleyball Net

Well! Sometimes, the volleyball net height is an often-overlooked but crucial component of each volleyball game. There are many reasons why your volleyball team needs to know what the appropriate net height is. 

In order to play by the rules and be ready for the umpires on game day, it is vital for coaches to know the volleyball net heights. Indoor and outdoor volleyball net rules differ according to gender, skill level, team size, and age as a whole. For consistent net height in every setup, a comprehensive control net system is also required.

Whatever level of volleyball team you’re coaching you need to adhere to the following tips to put up the net at the perfect height for each player. In this article, you will learn about how high is a volleyball net for all kind of players.

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Mens Volleyball Net Height

Well! The height for men’s volleyball net typically ranges from 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches, to shorter as players become older. The height requirement of 7 feet, 11, and 5/8 inches starts at the age of 15 and lasts until males are 54 years old and younger. The net level for men’s volleyball is 7 feet, 9 5/8 inches, while the age requirement is 55 and over. Beyond that, 7 feet and 6 inches is the net height for men’s volleyball for those aged 70 and over.

So, when you’re training, you shouldn’t be against lifting the net a little. Using a taller volleyball net as a psychological trick is a great method to increase your performance. You won’t be able to hit the volleyball too low, and your vertical leap will also improve. It is less flashy, but often, the most visible parts of a volleyball court are the rear corners. Increasing the volleyball net will help you learn to aim long instead of downward, which will improve your game.

Womens Volleyball Net Height

A women’s volleyball net typically measures 7 feet, 4 1/8 inches in height however this may alter as players become older. Volleyball is a sport that girls may participate in starting at the age of 15 and continuing until they reach the age of 45. 

When players reach the age of 45, the height of the net is lowered; yes, it is lowered almost 7 feet 2 1/8 inches. It remains at 7 feet until players reach the age of 60. Increasing your vertical leap is a great place to start, but it’s far from the sole strategy for better net performance. 

You may greatly improve your chances of beating the block by focusing on being flexible. Though hardly achieved, hitting timed sets like one-ball or slide drills are popular. You may improve your offense’s efficiency by getting to know your setter better and setting the ball faster.

Volleyball Net Height For Younger Players

Gender, age, height, and ability level of the respective team’s competitors determine the net height of young volleyball athletes.

Junior high schools have standardized net heights of 2.24 meters for both boys and girls in grades 13 and 14. The recommended net height for boys and girls in the 11th and 12th grades is 7 feet. Net heights of 2.13 meters are standard for boys’ volleyball games until they reach the age of 12. At the same time, females under the age of 10 are considered to have a net height of 1.98 meters.

Height of Volleyball Net For Smaller Players

Where does this leave the smaller volleyball players and the net? Height is definitely an important factor in volleyball. The difference between being 210 cm and 170 cm is significant in volleyball.

Outside hitters and opposites in men’s volleyball teams need a height of at least 190 cm to play on a 243 cm net. For women, it’s the same. When it comes to volleyball, height is a major factor. Alternately, you may practice your volleyball skills as a libero, a position where stature is less of an issue and where players as short as 160 cm can succeed at any level.

Conversely, we have already come across ideas for promoting the game of volleyball to smaller individuals. If you ask a lot of people boys included their prospects of ever playing at a high level of volleyball are rather slim if they find out that they are 170 cm tall. 

After that, many of them give up on volleyball because they don’t think it will take them anywhere. The worldwide number of volleyball players exceeds eight hundred billion. However, the worldwide population is around 8 billion. 

Thus, almost 10% of the population engages in volleyball. We think there’s a great deal of potential in the future for this region to entice additional volleyball athletes.

Making events just for volleyball players under 185 cm in height is one possibility. The maximum height for males would be 185 cm. A net of 224 cm, which is the same as the women’s net, might work for these athletes.

Even for smaller women, the process and regulations for decreasing the net might be the same. If this works, millions of individuals who are too short to play with regular high nets might finally have their chance to play volleyball. 

It would be great for volleyball if there were tournaments for these little players, especially if there was a major national tournament.

Guideline For Measuring The Height of a Volleyball Net

To avoid making any errors while measuring the height of your volleyball net, remember these points.

It would help if you always used the right measuring instrument, like as a net chain, to determine the height of your net in relation to the middle of the playing surface.

When you evaluate your volleyball court, make sure the two endpoints that will dangle over the edge are the same height. It would help if you did not go higher than ¾ inch beyond the standard volleyball net height.

Coaches of beach volleyball teams should keep in mind that the sand-raked level is the proper place to measure the net height.

If you’re teaching volleyball outside on greenery, be sure you check the height of the net from the surface of the grass, not the highest point of the blades.


We hope you have a better understanding now after reading this article about how high is a volleyball net! You see now how important it is to have a uniform height for the volleyball nets in order to keep the game fair for both sides… For serious indoor competitions, this is crucial. For those more relaxed beach activities! Make sure you measure twice for the best playing experience if you’re going to perform the check yourself.

If you are searching for the best volleyball nets for indoor and outdoor games, read our best reviews to choose the perfect one and enjoy your game.

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