What Does the Libero Do in Volleyball

What Does the Libero Do in Volleyball

If you watch many volleyball matches, you will see the libero. Why is that volleyball player wearing a different color of jersey? It is a natural question for a sports fan watching for the first time. A common response is that it’s the libero.

However, the libero’s actual role needs to be clarified.

Viewing the libero as a backup defensive player is one perspective. But first, let’s go over the regulations that control the role.

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Well! In this article, you will learn about what does the libero do in volleyball and their responsibilities. The libero in volleyball must play in the back row, and the player who replaces them must be from the same position. There is a defined limit of one libero per trainer.

The libero is often not a starting player for most teams. The libero will often take a spot out of the initial lineup right before the first serve at the start of each match. No one else can take the libero’s position after that player.

As for the libero in volleyball, it’s against the rules to finish a first hit with the ball over the net, and it can’t lay the ball overhead in front of the offensive line and then have players attack it that way.

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Should a Libero Pass, Dig, or Do Both

In a perfect serve-receive scenario, your libero in volleyball would also be good at digging while serving. You should feel lucky if your libero shines in both of these abilities! It is common to have liberos at your gym who excel in just one area. For now, we’ll put aside the fact that volleyball coaches usually value a libero who can pass the ball more than one who can play excellent defense.

The libero’s job is clear since they play only in the back row: they must be great passers and diggers.

The libero also has the extra duty of setting the second ball when the setter passes or digs the first.

However, the libero is most recognized for his exceptional digging skills.

Because they aren’t responsible for hitting the ball, liberos may focus on being the best defensive player on their team by becoming experts at digging.

Can You Tell Me the Rules of a Libero in Volleyball?

A volleyball match is only complete with the libero conforming to specific rules. One of the first and largest differences is the color of their shirt. It will help the volleyball umpire by making them stand out from the rest of the team. 

The second rule to keep in mind is that the libero cannot attack a volleyball that is over the net from anywhere on the court, even if they jump from behind the ten-foot line. They must remain in the back row. They will be unable to strike or block throughout the game.

The libero may enter and exit the game as many times as they choose without using a team replacement.

Is the Libero the Most Effective Player?

Libero gets to wear various shirts since, according to some new volleyball players, he’s the greatest player on the team.

As a libero, you can say that he’s a master of defense. When it comes to quickness, flexibility, and rescuing balls, we believe liberos need to be at the top. When it comes to such ability, we believe the liberos to be among the finest. However, in our opinion, they are not the top players in the league.

The short stature of liberos makes them less than ideal-spikers and blockers. Setting the ball is also a challenge for some of them. In our experience, liberos are often limited to the expertise of defense.

How Can I Find a Reliable Libero?

Do you intend to play volleyball despite your small height? You should try a libero position. Ensure you possess the skills exclusive to first-rate liberos before anything else!

His Speed is Rapid

Liberos pursuing the ball is something we often witness. Take right away if your team commits an error and the ball becomes difficult to recover. At all times, you must pursue the ball. Be quick on your feet since liberos must look for the ball many times a match.


Libero can rule defensively and is generally a strong player. However, he needs to assist his colleague if he observes that the latter is having difficulty obtaining a service.

Good Receiver

He has strong receiving skills. It is common for servers to target liberos. Your opponent will serve at Libero and make his life extremely challenging if they determine he is not the greatest receiver.


Sometimes, he needs to play setter. You can’t win if you make mistakes. One player, a libero, is responsible for setting the ball when another player makes a mistake while receiving it. From our own experience, we can attest to the difficulties of putting the ball. However, with practice, you will improve at it, just like any other talent.

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