Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short

Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short

There has been too much debate over the appropriate length of volleyball shorts. Why are volleyball shorts so short, people wonder? Especially the women’s volleyball shorts. While some argue that practical considerations like movement and comfort are crucial, others think it’s all about making a good first impression. The shorts worn by men’s volleyball players are also a bit short. Let’s learn about the practical motives behind this in today’s blog.

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The Stability of Volleyball Shorts: What Gives?

As you probably know, volleyball calls for a lot of quick movement, including diving and leaping. For that reason, you need shorts that are both effective and comfy. Long shorts and loose bottoms aren’t very comfy compared to volleyball latex shorts. And the worst thing? They get in your way When you attempt to leap or move fast.

In contrast, shorter spandex shorts allow for a great deal of mobility. The finest aspect? The players also claim that the cloth isn’t touching the net. Because of the rapid movements, longer shorts tend to bunch up, which distracts players and badly impacts their performance. Such a problem does not occur with short shorts. 

What gives? Men’s shorts are shorter than women’s. That’s the main concern, isn’t it? The male body holds the key. Men should wear longer shorts so that their bottoms don’t ride up and so that they can show off their thighs. However, guys wouldn’t get much done in shorter spandex volleyball shorts. They’d be far less productive, if anything. 

Also, how men and women play the game affects their clothing. Women value speed and skill more than strength and might.

The Evolution of the Volleyball Outfit

Ladies volleyball outfits have come a long way from their early days of tight shorts. The first items were mid-length shorts and regular-sized shirts that were neither too tight nor too loose in fit. 

Women wore this outfit from the early to middle 1970s. Yet spandex’s many benefits led to its rapid rise to volleyball fame in the late 1970s. Several teams changed their mid-length shorts in favour of tighter ones because they provided more freedom of movement.

However, the shorts worn back then weren’t relatively as short as the ones worn now. They sported a higher cut and also went by the name bun huggers. Many issues arose as a result of this outfit. It would sometimes get stuck in strange and uncomfortable places after riding up. For an extremely long period, bun huggers were the favored garment. Players and spectators began returning to the classic shorts in the early 1990s. Bun huggers were still prevalent until the late ’90s. 

Traditional shorts weren’t cutting it for the athletes, so they reverted to their trusty spandex. Their slightly longer shorts were the only distinctive feature this time around. The majority of teams back then wore 4-inch spandex.

Having trouble keeping the extra fabric in place and, worse, having it creep up into awkward locations meant it didn’t last long. This led to the rise of the 2-inch spandex short.

Length of the Volleyball Shorts

We cannot provide a specific length because each team and area is unique. Shorts two to four inches long are the norm for female players. On the other hand, they may be as long as the mid-tight level or as short as the bun hugger level. As a replacement for the traditional tight shorts, the FIVB has allowed women to wear different types of shorts. 

Some examples of these items include shorts 26 cm above the knee and knee-length trousers about 3 cm above the knee. Furthermore, each choice comes with its top. The standard length for men’s volleyball shorts is often knee-length. The ideal range for inseams is 5 to 7 inches. Yet, this differs depending on the governing bodies.

Tips For the Perfect Fit of Volleyball Shorts

Volleyball calls for free movement from its participants. This is why finding a set of volleyball shorts in the correct size is crucial. Make sure you have the size chart for your area handy since sizes vary somewhat from one region to another.

The typical inseam length for women’s spandex shorts ranges from 2 inches for a small size, 3 inches for a medium size, and up to 3 3/4 inches for a large size. While searching for volleyball shorts, guys should also record their exact dimensions. The inseam lengths and men’s sizes will be different.

The brand of volleyball shorts you want to purchase will probably have a size chart. You need to know how long your legs, hips, and thighs are. You may easily choose the perfect one by matching the sizes in this method.

What Are the Rules of Volleyball For Shorts

The volleyball rules state that players must wear either their uniform shorts or workout shorts during practice. The athlete should be able to look attractive and feel comfortable in shorts. Competitors should dress in matching uniforms with matching colors, stripes, and, of course, logos.

In regards to the length of shorts for men and women, volleyball laws state that women should not wear shorts that cover more than 10 cm on either side. The male volleyball outfit is a vest and larger shorts; for women, it’s just a bikini top and shorts. When it comes to other apparel, socks are a must-have for soaking sweat from the feet as you play. Wearing socks may also reduce the likelihood of burns. To get the most out of your volleyball game, make sure to select shoes designed for the sport with supportive arch, heel, and insoles.


As a matter of fact, it promotes pain-free, quicker movement all around the court.

Try playing in practice matches with few or no viewers if you’re still self-conscious about wearing the shorts. Wearing them throughout practice can help you feel more at ease in your clothes.

Now that you know the reason for why are volleyball shorts so short we would like to hear your thoughts on this issue. Thank you!

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