How Should Volleyball Shoes Fit

How Should Volleyball Shoes Fit

It is only natural to want to save money while starting a new activity by using old equipment. There is a common misconception that you need the best volleyball shoes to play the sport. You may also wear sneakers or basketball shoes instead. Yes, of course! Playing volleyball requires specific footwear.

Why? Volleyball requires many sudden stops and starts, along with frequent jumping, so players need shoes to hold their ground and cushion their falls. They’re light, too, making it simpler to perform stunts like jumping and sidestepping.

What are these claimed new accessories that will help you step up your game? What sets them apart from similar footwear? Find out what makes these shoes so special by reading on.

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Ways to Assess Whether Your Volleyball Shoes Fit or Not

There are clear indicators that your volleyball footwear is a perfect match for your feet. If you use this guide you will know how should volleyball shoes fit.

Volleyball footwear should be snug but not restrictive. Keep a quarter to a half-inch gap.

Your heel must have the ability to move around a little without making you lose your balance.

Your feet must be able to stay where you put them because your ankles are stable. An optional ankle brace is available for those who choose it.

There shouldn’t be any pain, whether at rest, walking, sprinting, jumping, or changing directions sideways.

When you turn over on the ball of your foot, it ought to be normal and easy.

Your pair of volleyball shoes is the ideal size if it looks like this. If your volleyball shoes bother you even a little, don’t play through it. A foot injury could result if the shoe doesn’t fit properly.

In What Way Do They Run?

Basketball and jogging shoes don’t compare design to those made specifically for volleyball. This is due to the frequent side-to-side and up-and-down motion required of volleyball players. Gum rubber is the traditional material for the sole. This gives the player a stable footing and a superior grip on the court. The sole of a high-quality shoe won’t leave marks on floors and will prevent you from twisting your ankle. The midsole cushions the forefoot. This refers to the rapid footwork and flying feats required of volleyball players. Nylon or mesh makes up the upper of the shoe. It is made to be thin and airy so your foot can breathe and stay dry.

Exactly Why Do Volleyball Players Need Special Footwear?

The shoes worn in the game of volleyball are highly specialized. Some sports may get away with using a cross trainer, but doing so puts the player at risk of harm and can negatively impact their performance. To find out what sets this shoe apart from others, let’s inspect its many parts.


It would be best if you prioritized purchasing shoes with good support. A player’s foot must feel excellent in the shoe; otherwise, the player can experience mental tiredness due to the discomfort.

Best for Ankle

Volleyball is a sport that requires strength, as players are continuously racing in different directions. The ability to play at a higher level is improved by excellent ankle support.


How efficiently a shoe breathes is a major factor in how well a player’s foot is protected from overheating and moisture buildup while playing. Some shoemakers will include mesh panels or slits to promote air circulation. High-tech polyester is a great material to have because of its breathability.


Those who play volleyball are constantly on the go; thus, they need lightweight equipment. One’s speed and jumping height may suffer if one wears shoes too heavy. The ideal shoe would be strong enough to withstand repeated wear but not too heavy to slow the wearer down.

Always know what you want from a pair of shoes. Some brands may be known for their cushioning, while others are known for their breathability.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect volleyball shoes, don’t worry! Here are the top picks for the best volleyball shoes that are perfect for the game.

Can I Go Outside With Volleyball Shoes?

Only the gym floor is appropriate for volleyball shoes. The soles will wear out rapidly from walking on hard surfaces like driveways and concrete. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used daily. A pair of shoes to change into after workouts or games is a good idea.


The foam inserts of volleyball shoes are shaped differently. You can find items that run large, tiny, or true to size. Do your research to find out which volleyball shoes are the best fit for you. Socks and ankle supports should be considered. If your shoes fit perfectly, you’ll feel more at ease and have more success on the court.

Frequently Asked Question

Do You Have a Crack in Your Volleyball Shoes?

As with any other type of footwear, volleyball shoes must be worn before play. It is typical after a whole week or two of regular use.

When Buying Volleyball Shoes, Do I Need to Measure?

The answer to this question depends on the make and quality of the players’ volleyball footwear. For example, Adidas volleyball shoes tend to be on the broad side. The opposite is true for Nike, which typically runs true to size. 

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