Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball

It was like when your parents tried to convince you it was against the law to leave the vehicle light on, but we remember clearly some trainers saying:

You must never kick the volleyball if you are interested in playing for my team.

So, we figured we’d finally answer a long-standing volleyball issue in this post.

Can you use your feet in volleyball? Indeed, it is accurate. You may use any part of your body in specific scenarios for handling the ball, including kicks. It makes no difference if it’s an arm, leg, foot, or even a head; what matters is waiting until it’s acceptable food to make touch.

Indeed, elite athletes down to their last legs often produce the most astonishing moves. Well! Let’s explore more.

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Play the Game Your Way: Your Feet Will Do the Rest

Well! If you are still confused about when playing volleyball, is it OK to use your feet?

Players are allowed to use their feet to keep the ball in play and inside the boundaries of the court, as long as it doesn’t hit the flooring a maximum of three times on one side of the court.

Remember that hitting the ball with your foot on purpose is a huge no-no in volleyball. Also, players aren’t allowed to use their feet or other lower body parts to hinder or hit the ball.

What Are My Feet in Volleyball Technique Needs

When playing volleyball, it’s important to keep in mind that the ball has to be at a certain height for your hands and arms to make a decent play. In this situation, you can use your feet to touch the ball. Still, it’s vital to be aware of how to utilize your feet to prevent mistakes.

Footstriking the ball to a partner is one additional option. Even though it’s not ideal, sitting with your feet is the backup position when your hands are full.

The intentional kicking of the ball may be considered a violation of league regulations in several countries. Therefore, in any case, you should only ever turn to using your feet as a last option. You should be able to play on a ball that mistakenly strikes your foot if it creates a fantastic opportunity for your teammates!

When Is It Acceptable to be on Your Feet in Volleyball

Any volleyball player worth their weight knows that kicking the ball is the absolute last option. Kicking the ball is not illegal, but it is still rather rare.

Additionally, there are some contexts in which it is quite OK to use your feet. Here are some typical events that may occur in most games.


Whether it’s an accident or you’re trying to rescue a ball in defense, kicking it up with your foot may be your only option.

When you’re in the proper defensive stance, your feet can rescue the ball faster than you think.

On the Net

Do not use your feet to stop the ball in this scenario. Instead, we mean hitting the ball swiftly with your feet after a block.

In volleyball, this is among the most typical scenarios when you must use your feet.

Landing and turning to determine the ball’s location in defense is the next step after blocking. Due to the short reaction time, you will not have enough time to stoop and use your hands to control the ball if your defender makes a fantastic play, but it is bouncing low toward you.


Popular sites often feature the most incredible foot saves that many of us have seen.

While going after a ball off the court, you’ll discover you have better control while making a swan dive. Players fly over barriers, spread out, and smash into posters and ads.

Is It Smart to Learn to Use Feet in Volleyball as a Skill

Now you know that using your feet in volleyball isn’t simply an appealing idea it’s your best option in specific scenarios.

So, why not get some practice in if it’s something you know will happen throughout a match?

Probably not.

You should invest your time and energy in at least twenty-five distinct areas, particularly when starting.

Among them, kicking the ball does not belong.

It’s more of a reflex talent; you’ll become better at it with experience playing volleyball. So it’s not a big deal!

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