Best Volleyball Ankle Braces for Injury Prevention

best volleyball ankle braces

The speed and quickness required to play volleyball are two of the sport’s most fascinating features. Well! Players used to play competitive volleyball and loved to jump over the net to stop or hit the ball. The ankles are especially at risk of the stresses imposed by repeated, high-impact jumps.

Ankle braces let us play with less pain and more confidence during games by reducing the risk of an ankle injury.

Well! We advise all players to use the best volleyball ankle braces to lessen the chance of ankle injury and re-injury. Braces are one of Volleyball Spike’s top recommendations when it comes to helping players heal from common volleyball ankle injuries. The obvious follow-up inquiry is, which ankle brace is ideal for volleyball?

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Top 6 Recommended Ankle Braces for Volleyball Players

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Premium quality boots are supportive to the ankle, offer high breathability and comfort, designed as bilateral.



McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps

Game-boosting advancement, comfortable security, breathable and supportive design with adjustable material composition.



Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Matchless performance and adjustable strap for shoes, best fit and comforting suitable for sprains and strains.



Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Support

Stabilizes the ankle and prevents ankle injuries, increases circulation, reduces swelling and edema, and universal fit.



Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

High mobility and standard support for the ankle. Game-changer advancement to the game.



Air cast Air Sport Ankle Support

Best for ankle sprain, supportive and additional stabilization, and universal active design. Best for multiple games.



Best Ankle Brace for Ankle Support

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Premium quality boots are supportive to the ankle, offer high breathability and comfort, designed as bilateral.

These ankle supports are great for regular use or helpful in recovering from an ankle injury. They allow healthy foot motion in all directions, but the ankles are prevented from shaking thanks to the stiff support. These braces are designed to be modest and to mix in with your footwear.

While the price is higher than that of comparable braces, this alternative may be ideal if you need a brace for everyday use that can be cleaned in the washing machine. If you have difficulties keeping your braces on, you’ll love the cuff that secures the laces and the hook-and-loop closures.


Ankles are supported and covered in all directions by figure-eight-shaped leveling straps.

Nylon upper ensures a sturdy and long-lasting boot.

High-quality assurance guidelines.


If you're in between sizes, go down a size because they run large on certain people.

Some shoes have a tight heel area.

More expensive than comparable options on the market.

Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Training

McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps

Game-boosting advancement, comfortable security, breathable and supportive design with adjustable material composition.

One of the most prevalent injuries during volleyball games is to the ankle, especially those who run and hop frequently. The McDavid Ankle Brace with Straps features an innovative design that will support and protect your ankles from even the most severe injuries. Athletes who need to recover from ankle injuries can also benefit from this brace. This ankle brace is composed of 100% polyester and is comfortable and supportive.

Light and simple cloth is used for stabilizer straps. The straps are arranged in Figure 6 to simulate the look and feel of an elastic bandage or athletic tape. The top strap is adjustable to fit a wide range of leg dimensions and provides comfortable ankle compression.


Lightweight material.

Adjustable straps and laces.

You can wear it on both feet.


Not Specified.

Best Ankle Brace for Maximum Protection

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Matchless performance and adjustable strap for shoes, best fit and comforting suitable for sprains and strains.

When it comes to protecting your ankles while playing volleyball, these are among the greatest options. As suggested by medical professionals and research studies, this brace provides strong protection for reducing the risk of injury when playing volleyball. This brace is better than any other brace or no brace at all in preventing injuries.

Volleyball players can put this brace on in seconds, and it will provide them with superior support. These braces are strong enough to withstand the intense athletic competition. These braces are also a great choice when healing from an ankle injury.


Adaptable to accommodate both low and high-top footwear.

Suitable for both left and right feet.

The EVA padding is shaped to fit the shape of your ankles.

The anatomical bilateral hinge allows for a wide range of motion.


It's costly, especially if you need two of them.

Not compatible with all shoe styles.

With continued use, the squeak may become apparent to some.

Best Ankle Brace for Ankle Protection

Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Support

Stabilize ankle and prevent ankle injuries, increase circulation, and reduce swelling and edema, universal fir.

Well! It is best to use right after any ankle injury; many people wear the Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Support Brace while they heal. Its primary usage is in the treatment of ankle sprains of grades, as well as the prevention of acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, and post-operative use. In terms of anatomical shape, semi-rigid shells support and shield the ankle.

The unique Duplex air cells inside these shells help improve circulation and minimize swelling and edema. The pre-inflated air cells offer vibrating pressure during walking, hastening recovery. The design of this ankle brace keeps it slim, so it doesn’t stick out too much when you’re walking about or wearing shoes. It provides superior invert resistance to tape while limiting normal flexion to an absolute least. The Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Support Brace has a flexible design so that you can wear it on both feet.


Universal semi-rigid shells protect against extra injury and allow normal walking. Also, a combination of foam and a distal air cell improves the affected joint's comfort.

The heel cushion is detachable for custom fit.


Only use after injury, not before.

Best Ankle Brace for Healing Injury

Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

High mobility and standard support for the ankle. Game-changer advancement to the game.

These straps add further support to what is effectively an ankle sleeve.

This choice is ideal for adults and backcourt setters because of its high degree of motion while providing adequate support.

While this is fine for back-row players, front-row setters might consider investing in the T2 for added safety.


Perfect for adults. Since adults never jump, they require minimal protection but high levels of mobility. Setters in the back row have an identical situation, but those in the front should consider upgrading to a more stable choice.


A bad choice for hitters. If you plan on doing a lot of leaping, the Adjustable Ankle might not be the greatest bet.

Best Ankle Brace for Setters

Air cast Air Sport Ankle Support

Best for an ankle sprain, supportive and additional stabilization, and universal active design. Best for multiple games.

The most prevalent physical limitation that athletes confront is ankle injuries. The ankle brace may seem cumbersome if you’re familiar with other braces. This more rigid development is intended to help you avoid and recover from more severe ankle injuries, so don’t let that put you off. Well! Despite its large size, the brace is lightweight due to its innovative design.

The appropriate compression of the Air cast Air Sport ankle brace prevents more swelling of an injured ankle without being painfully restricting. The unit’s innovative air cell technology is largely responsible for this.


This brace's stability is well-integrated thanks to its ATF cross straps, forefoot wraps, and shin wraps. These prevent your foot from moving around, which can be uncomfortable and irritating


This brace can still be worn during workouts and games to protect against ankle sprains. But its restricted movement may limit your abilities.

Do Volleyball Players Need to Wear Ankle Braces?

Well! It may be confirmed that the best volleyball ankle braces are so good at protecting athletes that they should be required braces for every team. Yet, do you think that wearing ankle braces may limit your effectiveness? The best volleyball ankle braces have been controversial among coaches and athletes, with some arguing that they should only be used in extreme cases. Well! Our ankle, as mentioned above, braces never affect your performance.

Injuries were much more common among the test participants who did not use ankle braces. The researchers who conducted this study show regular use of ankle braces.

The best volleyball ankle braces reduced the number of new injuries among high school volleyball players. Yes! Who had never sprained or broken their ankles?

Female volleyball players who used ankle braces suffered fewer injuries than their male counterparts. Ankle braces have been shown to minimize injuries among professional volleyball players.

Participants with the best volleyball ankle braces were observed to regain their balance and readiness to respond more quickly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Volleyball Ankle Braces?

Depends Upon Sizing

Getting the best volleyball ankle braces is vital to think about when picking out an ankle brace. An ankle brace ought to be tight but not restrictive. This means the brace should be compressive all over the foot and ankle but not so much so that it cuts off circulation or causes pain.

Finding a pair of shoes that fits properly can be challenging if your foot or ankle swells. We advise a wraparound style when swelling is a concern so that the wearer can modify the fit as needed throughout the day and as the swelling decreases over time.

Before purchasing the best volleyball ankle braces, always check the product page’s size chart to ensure the item fits properly. Due to the compressive nature of materials, we suggest sizing up if you are on the barrier about your size.

Types of Ankle Braces

Soft braces are typically elastic or neoprene — provide minimal support while keeping the joints, ligaments, and muscles warm. This may help prevent the ankle from becoming stiff during physical activity. They help with swelling and pain by providing compression.

Semi-rigid braces: There are two distinct categories of semi-rigid braces. Hinged and Laced:

Lace-up types have been popular for quite some time, and they come highly recommended by medical professionals for light to moderate support. The lace-up style is similar to lacing up a pair of shoes and is typically composed of durable materials.

They can benefit from additional lateral and medial support in the form of rigid side supports. Well! Some lace-ups now come with extra Velcro straps that may be used to construct a figure-eight and a heel lock. They weigh quite little and are compatible with most athletes’ footwear.

Brackets with a Hinge are more modern and are suggested for mild to moderate cases. They stop the ankle from rolling laterally yet allow for up-and-down motion, making them ideal for ankle support. The brace is held in place by two Velcro straps that go all the way around and two semi-rigid sides, one of which includes extra padding for comfort. They cost more than average, depending on the design.

A rigid brace, also known as a stirrup brace, has hard plastic sides and Velcro straps for a snugger, more personalized fit. They typically feature cushioning; some even let you add air for more support and comfort. These aren’t typically worn during games but help speed recovery after injuries.

They provide a lot of help when needed. They function similarly to a hinged brace in that they restrict lateral motion while allowing for bending and eversion of the ankle. A more custom-fitted brace may be prescribed once the initial wound has healed to prevent further ankle injuries.

Choosing the Right Ankle Braces for Different Volleyball Positions

Ankle Braces for Liberos

In our opinion, liberos shouldn’t use ankle braces.

  • Jumping causes 95% or more volleyball ankle injuries, so it’s not smart for defensive specialists to wear ankle braces.
  • If you can help it, you should avoid using ankle braces because some evidence suggests they can weaken your ankles over time.
  • The ankle sleeve is the lightest option if you’re still concerned about extra support.

Ankle Braces for Setters

Since your club typically employs a 6-2 offense, your setters may benefit from the ankle sleeve, the lightest of the options.

Stay with the T2 if you play in the top row.

Ankle Braces for Middle Blockers

Because of their dual responsibilities, middle blockers in volleyball must be among the most agile players on the court.

When blocking, they will also be more likely to be floating in the air than players in other positions, which can lead to ankle injuries. Well1 The Active Ankle T2s are the best shoes out there.


Strengthening your ankles should become a regular practice if you want to significantly reduce ankle injuries. The best volleyball ankle braces are necessary if you want to avoid injuries and become the best volleyball player. Read our reviews above about the best volleyball ankle braces and choose the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Wearing Ankle Braces Affect My Performance on the Volleyball Court?

The best volleyball ankle braces protect the wearer from harm by limiting their range of motion, yet this limitation need not hurt their performance. There is some evidence to suggest that using an ankle brace may impair agility but may not affect vertical jump or balance.

How Do I Choose the Right Size for My Volleyball Ankle Brace?

Use the size tables to get the right brace for your ankle by measuring the circumference of your ankle. Do not choose your brace based on your shoe size, as the length of your foot does not necessarily reflect the size of your ankle.

How Do I Maintain and Clean My Volleyball Ankle Braces to Prolong Their Lifespan?

The brace, padding, and straps can be removed for hand washing and air drying. The brace’s foam pad is removable, allowing easy removal and washing. The brace should not be cleaned in a washing machine.

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