Are Basketball Shoes Good for Volleyball

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Volleyball

A basketball court may double as a volleyball pitch. Surfaces that may be used for either volleyball or basketball are even available. For this reason, a lot of coaches and players falsely assume that the two sports use the same footwear.

But the query is, are basketball shoes good for volleyball? Strength is the crucial element here. That is to say, there is little cause for concern if you plan on playing basketball with some effort while wearing volleyball shoes.

They don’t provide ankle protection for intensive basketball games; thus, you can’t do it. This article provides a detailed discussion of when it’s right to wear volleyball shoes for other sports, such as basketball. There are key differences between the shoes worn in these two sports, which we also discuss.

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Pros and Cons When Utilizing Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Volleyball footwear is designed to be comfortable. They protect the area above the ankle, which is essential for avoiding ankle injuries. Additionally, they provide support and excellent surface traction.

Conversely, basketball shoes are constructed on most of these principles, but they offer far greater ankle protection, grip, and comfort.

Now, let’s evaluate



Both volleyball and basketball shoes are designed to make jumping simpler by having a well-gripping, smooth sole, which makes jumping easier.

Variations in Direction

Changes in direction are associated with the rounded spirit. We have discussed the grip provided by the round spirit. This grasp also allows for effective and swift direction changes. This applies to both areas.


Basketball players are one-foot jumpers, indicating they land on their stronger feet. However, falling could have a lasting impact. The excellent cushioning of volleyball shoes makes basketball landings simpler and more pleasant.

Again, this is directly related to the grasp. Volleyball sneakers are light and allow for a fast start so they can be used for both games. 



Well! Volleyball shoes are light but not too much as compared to basketball shoes. Basketball players leap with one foot. They are designed for tow-foot, large jumps and offer additional padding. Although they may behave well and appear nice, they affect basketball leaping, an important aspect of the sport.

Modifications in Direction

This component is dependent on how light or heavy the volleyball shoes are. As we previously said, those that follow are thicker than basketball shoes and may affect one’s range of motion.

Can you Play Volleyball in Basketball Shoes?

To some extent, it is true. Several major team athletes have done this.

The structure of basketball shoes is similar to that of volleyball shoes. They’re comfortable and provide a secure hold. Some volleyball players, in search of faster mobility, choose basketball shoes, which are a little lighter.

Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide. When compared to volleyball shoes, basketball shoes are flexible. Well! Some gamers even like it that way. Players feel more secure and stable when they wear shoes with a greater degree of rigidity. That may be why some players favor them.

A few players may like them because of their small weight; this is especially true of the libero, who must be like a little storm on the court. 

Should I Wear Volleyball Shoes or Basketball Shoes?

Most pairs of basketball shoes may double as suitable volleyball footwear.

Fortunately, we have researched every volleyball shoe available and compiled numerous great lists of the best shoes for different positions.

Some high-top shoes are not ideal for volleyball as they limit the wearer’s ability to move their ankles freely.

There are a few positions that might benefit greatly from wearing high tops.

This is because, although they are somewhere between a mid- and a high-top, they still need very little lateral agility.

Heavy-duty high-top shoes are not a good choice for players like setters, liberos, and outside hitters who spend most of their time throwing and running down volleyballs.

Which Basketball Shoes Are Suitable for Volleyball?

So, you are still confused about which basketball shoes are ideal for volleyball? To better understand the factors that make some shoes either superior or inferior for volleyball, it is helpful to start with some real events. Before making a shoe purchase, you should think about the following four things:


The importance of picking a pair of shoes that feels nice to walk in goes without saying. If they are too little or too big, consider purchasing a new pair. 

Innovation Leaps

The majority of modern basketball shoes have features designed to increase the wearer’s vertical jump. Volleyball requires a lot of leaping, so if you’re looking for a sports shoe, go no further; any shoe with technological features to boost your leaps will do.


The ability to quickly change directions laterally is essential in both sports, so look for footwear with plenty of grip to help you improve your lateral flexibility.


When playing volleyball, it’s important to minimize impact on the ground by wearing appropriate footwear. Get some shoes with plenty of padding to keep your knees and ankles safe from harm.

Factors to Prevent When Searching For Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Certain basketball shoes seem like a good choice for volleyball but end up being terrible.

Here are some of the most alarming warning signs.

High Sole

By high sole, which gives it a very awkward, boot-like feel. This high sole serves dual purposes as an ankle protector and a stylish design element. In any case, don’t become a fan of this since the added bulk slows me down too much while making lateral changes.

Avoid wearing shoes with attached soles at all costs!

Thin Midsole

Remember that it’s fine to suggest) to have a thin midsole that provides below-average padding if you’re a hitter.

You aren’t even leaping… You shouldn’t wear a helmet since there’s no danger.

Backcourt setters are in the same position as outside hitters and may make an informed decision to wear low-impact footwear.

They may be hard on the feet, but what they lack in comfort, they make up for in agility. So, always go to the best midsole.


If you’re only participating in both sports for fun, there’s no need to worry about this. When this is the case, you may wear the same pair of grippy shoes for both activities.

However, specialized athletic footwear is essential for elite-level competition. It is a fantastic method of guaranteeing not just enough safety but also the ideal comfort and feel for both activities.

Finally, if you’re in the market for a new pair of volleyball shoes, I strongly recommend reading up on proper sizing. So you may avoid buying shoes with the incorrect size.

Frequently Asked Question

What exactly is the primary difference between basketball and volleyball footwear?

The key features differentiating basketball shoes from volleyball shoes are the added ankle support and the more centrally located padding. The soles also vary somewhat, with volleyball shoes often using gum rubber and basketball shoes opting for traditional rubber.

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